Chris Photi

2nd March 2016

CAA Financial Factor Testing

You may have read in the travel press or on social media that on 1 March 2016 the CAA issued a series of new financial assessments […]
15th December 2014

Nikki Spoor Joins Tourism and Hospitality Committee

WHA are pleased that Nikki Spoor, head of audit and regulation, will sit on a special ICAEW advisory committee as an expert on outbound travel and […]
19th November 2014

Acquisition of Monarch – The start of things to come

The acquisition of Monarch by private equity firm Greybull will be the fore runner to a number of substantial travel acquisitions by private equity firms. Chris […]
13th March 2014

Travel Weekly Article – Opinion: OHG failure focuses spotlight on dynamic packaging model

The sad demise of On Holiday Group last week came as not unexpected to many travel insiders who know they have been trying to find a […]