Cloud Accounting

So what is the cloud?

The cloud is where you store all your data, your files and even your software so you can access it all from any computer or device, anywhere, at any time. Adopting this resource for your accounting and financial reporting requirements means you can run your business with more freedom and can potentially have instant access to your data wherever you are.

What are my options?

Cloud accounting has been labelled “the future financial and reporting solution for businesses of all sizes”. But in reality, it’s the accounting of the here and now. At WHA we are linked with a number of cloud accounting solutions and are perfectly placed to recommend a software package which is tailored for your business.

For a guide to the cloud accounting options open to you, please view our e-magazine which gives the pros and cons of each software on the market.


“We started Xero to change the game for small business. Our beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.” – Xero Software - New Zealand.

Xero is known as the “most beautiful looking software” on the market. But do not be fooled, you will not find “style over substance” - this software solution has a huge array of functionality that can be tailored to any type of SME. At Xero you can also purchase a number of add-ons which can be extremely useful for your business.

At WHA we are Xero Certified practice and already host this software for a number of our existing clients. We can therefore set you up on Xero, provide basic training and also pay/host the software for you.

If you are interested please follow this link to start a 30 day trial.