ICAEW Travel & Tourism Interview:- Developing your career with Nikki Spoor

Nikki is currently on the advisory committee of the ICAEW Tourism and Hospitality Group. As a part of a series of interviews, Nikki recently discussed her career opportunities and development with Gareth Jones of Mazars.

Nikki’s accountancy career took a less obvious route than one might expect; a three month temp job unanticipatedly led to a training contract, having discovered that she had the same affinity for numbers as her older brother, who was working for the firm at the time. Soon thereafter she gained her ACCA qualification and then took the Pathways Scheme to ACA, qualifying with the ICAEW in 2012.

When a client wanted to start up a ‘seat only chartered flight company’, now known as Avro, the firm harnessed an opportunity to fill a gap in the market.  Nikki said ‘We became experts in our industry, in what is considered to be the second most regulated market next to financial services.’ Over the years, this has helped to forge strong professional relationships with regulators, banks and other entities within the field.

When faced with challenges, Nikki voiced how times have changed for women in the industry. The new generation of accountants is entering a much more level playing field and Nikki emphasised that any practice neglecting gender diversity is missing out on something essential for business.

For those who know Nikki personally, it will come as no surprise that she confessed to being outspoken and forthright – in my opinion, two of her best qualities – but also characteristics she has reconsidered on occasion. More specifically, she has learnt through experience to go with her ‘gut instinct’.

Nikki highlighted her understanding of the magnetism of the travel industry as it experiences an exciting and challenging phase. She said ‘It is special and creates dreams for people, especially as we are so good at it in the UK.’ In terms of how she and WHA expect to stay current, Nikki expressed the importance of keeping abreast of all the changes, whether those be in practice or in industry.

Nikki closed the discussion with a quote from an individual whom she respects: ‘Everything that happens makes you stronger in one way or another; don’t look for the thrill of a quick win, have confidence in your long-term aims.’

Overall, this was a very informative discussion and one which provided a great insight into both Nikki’s ongoing career and the travel industry itself.

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ICAEW Travel & Tourism Interview with Nikki Spoor