Travel industry

The services we provide


WHA has an established, vibrant and successful travel and leisure team headed up by Chris Photi, one of the best known and respected travel professionals serving this exciting industry. With a wealth of experience in the sector, WHA are well placed to provide competitively priced travel specific advice and guidance to firms operating in this industry. WHA acts for a wide portfolio of well over 200 travel companies of all sizes, from the very small owner-managed business to advising some of the largest travel entities in the world.

Most accountants do not fully understand this complex industry. We do!

Given the complexities of the above topics it is easy to see why travel entities need specialised professional advice.

Our established team represents many travel companies. We are a worthy “partner” to assist you with your business and the rigours of the second most heavily regulated industry in the UK. We are also able to offer Pan European advice on the regulatory and tax regimes and have established expertise in relocating or establishing businesses to other European Union Member States, where certain aspects of the regulatory regime and taxation are more favourable.

We are also able to advise on the regulatory regimes in the US and Australia